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The Bridge Fridge

Renaissance Medical Group, 11 Sandersdale Road, Southbridge, MA 01550


The Bridge Fridge is The WellStorm, Inc.'s first flagship project. We are establishing a community fridge to support our community in need. We have a location in Southbridge, MA secured for our first community fridge thanks to a local business. The WellStorm, Inc. is a 501c3 and all donations will help with the fridge and other programs that are coming soon.

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How You Can Help

The Bridge Fridge needs volunteers and donations. Right now we are looking for donations of time and money to secure our first fridge in Southbridge, MA.

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We're here to bring the community together and to help. If you have questions or comments, click the button below.

The Bridge Fridge: Programs
Image by Pradamas Gifarry

Help Us Fill The Fridge with Grant Funding Opportunities

By providing demographic information, you are assisting us in obtaining grant funding opportunities to fill the fridge.

The Bridge Fridge: Welcome
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