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The WellStorm, Inc.

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Carla Delacruz Davila

Co-Founder / President

Carla is a MSW graduate, native of Puerto Rico and longtime resident of Worcester, County. As an Afro Latina working mother of two boys, Carla understands the stress that can come with a fully packed life. Learning to balance her roles as a wife, mother, community advocate, board member and social worker, has pushed Carla to becoming a role model for the next generation. Carla being a leader is an avid advocate for women supporting women, loves volunteering, helping others, and giving back to her community. Carla has an extensive history of charitable roles in local programs which help to support the increased confidence and competence of our community. Carla thrives in roles of leadership and being an empathetic caretaker often let's her compassion push her to go beyond her set limits and expectations. Carla has expertise in working with vulnerable individuals providing advocacy and support. Carla has explored positions mentoring children in the foster care system, coaching students, and children on the autism spectrum.

Yesenia Arroyo

Co-Founder / Secretary / Treasurer

Yesenia (Yezii) is a Licensed Certified Social Worker. Yezii has a love for all people, being extremely empathetic and entertaining, Yezii is able to identify, support and connect with many different types of individuals of all ages. Yezii has always had a social worker soul, from volunteering in Sally's Place in Worcester at 15 years old to working in Girls Inc by 17. Yezii has built her professional career working directly with many diverse vulnerable populations. Her expertise being connecting and working with children and adolescents in residential programs, individuals with developmental disabilities, the elderly, and children on the autism spectrum. Yezii is a bubbly energy that is never afraid to go the extra mile to include everyone and make socialization less anxiety producing for others. Yezii is dedicating her life to building a foundation to support our community and specializes in transitional assistance and behavior modification.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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