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The WellStorm, Inc.

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Carla Delacruz Davila

Co-Founder / President

Carla is a MSW graduate, native of Puerto Rico and longtime resident of Worcester, County. As an Afro Latina working mother of two boys, Carla understands the stress that can come with a fully packed life. Learning to balance her roles as a partner, mother, community advocate, board member and social worker, has pushed Carla to becoming a role model for the next generation. Carla being a leader is an avid advocate for women supporting women, loves volunteering, helping others, and giving back to her community. Carla has an extensive history of charitable roles in local programs which help to support the increased confidence and competence of our community. Carla thrives in roles of leadership and being an empathetic caretaker often let's her compassion push her to go beyond her set limits and expectations. Carla has expertise in working with vulnerable individuals providing advocacy and support. Carla has explored positions mentoring children in the foster care system, coaching students, and children on the autism spectrum.

Yesenia Arroyo

Co-Founder / Secretary / Treasurer

Yesenia (Yezii) is a Licensed Certified Social Worker. Yezii has a love for all people, being extremely empathetic and entertaining, Yezii is able to identify, support and connect with many different types of individuals of all ages. Yezii has always had a social worker soul, from volunteering in Sally's Place in Worcester at 15 years old to working in Girls Inc by 17. Yezii has built her professional career working directly with many diverse vulnerable populations. Her expertise being connecting and working with children and adolescents in residential programs, individuals with developmental disabilities, the elderly, and children on the autism spectrum. Yezii is a bubbly energy that is never afraid to go the extra mile to include everyone and make socialization less anxiety producing for others. Yezii is dedicating her life to building a foundation to support our community and specializes in transitional assistance and behavior modification.


Elizabeth Carroll

Board of Directors, Community Resources

With us since our founding, Elizabeth has been involved in the non-profit sector for almost 15 years, in both childcare and disability services. In her current role, she is the Senior Support Specialist at the Seven Hills Foundation Family Support Center in Sturbridge. This program, which she oversees, offers support and resources to adults and children with disabilities and their families. As a single parent, she has seen the benefits first-hand of our amazing local support agencies and has now dedicated her professional and personal life to giving back. She is an avid supporter of the arts and is also on the Board of Directors for the Ruth Wells Center for the Arts. She is a part time employee of the YMCA’s childcare program, mostly so she can still play with the kiddos. Her hobbies include devouring books, traveling, drinking wine, and making art.

Gabriella Diaz

Youth Leader

With us since our founding, 

Gabby is currently a junior at Suffield Academy, a high school in Connecticut. Despite living in Connecticut for most of the year, she always finds numerous ways to help the Worcester community over the summer. Some instances include volunteering with United Way, working in soup kitchens, picking up trash, babysitting and more. She also recently worked with the Latino Education Institute to teach middle schoolers about the environment, sustainability, and homelessness.

She values her community and being on the Well Storm board is another example of her involvement with aiding food insecurity. She is always taking steps to help people with everything and anything. Gabby’s desire to be a part of Well storm stems from her overwhelming passion for helping others. When she learned about Well storms mission, she wanted to be a part of such an inspiring journey. She also has a great passion for mental health as she wants to pursue Neuroscience in the future and is excited to see this aspect of Well storm grow.

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Nichol M. Figueiredo

Board of Directors, Marketing

With us since our founding, Nichol has over two decades of experience working in state and municipal government; acting as a liaison between government agencies, contractors, consultants, and the communities they serve. She has a keen understanding of how a well-placed message can change opinions, and call stakeholders to action. Since launching Capital Strategic Solutions in 2014, Nichol has been working with municipal clients to implement integrated communications strategies to create a dynamic flow of information. Nichol specializes in building trust through open dialogue and transparency. She is skilled at establishing relationships working closely with the project team and community stakeholders to increase community engagement. By leveraging ever-evolving technology, Nichol measurably improves public relations and community involvement.

Kendraya Richards

Director, HR & Finance

With us since our founding, Kendraya is a dedicated Human Resources Professional with a strong background in Mental Health and Wellness. She has a deep passion for supporting individuals within vulnerable communities. Having over 10+ years' experience with partnering with nonprofit organizations; her invaluable expertise and genuine commitment to making a positive impact is deeply instilled in her.

Kendraya possesses extensive experience in the field of Human Resources, specializing in fostering inclusive and supportive work environments. With a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by organizations, she offers strategic guidance and innovative solutions to optimize employee well-being and productivity. Being the Founder of PCCF, a Human Resources Consultant Firm. Kendraya has a strong belief in the transformative power of compassion, and she is committed to utilizing her competence to strengthen non-profit boards and contribute to their strategic direction.

However, Kendraya’s dedication extends far beyond the workplace. Her genuine empathy for those struggling with mental health issues, homelessness, and hunger has driven her to actively engage with communities in need. She joins forces with organizations aligned with her mission and works tirelessly to break down the stigmas associated with mental health, because she firmly believes in the power of education, awareness, and de-stigmatization to create supportive environments that foster healing and growth.

Kendraya is thrilled to be a part of the Board of Directors at The Wellstorm Inc, leveraging skills and passion with an amazing team to create lasting change within the community.

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Karyn Sanchez 

Director, Legal and Finance

Karyn Sanchez, Esq., is a Tax Attorney who has worked as an attorney in Massachusetts for the last five years. The latter two of those years have been as a practicing attorney. Attorney
Sanchez represents clients against the Internal Revenue Service and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. She also provides tax advice to clients on which business entities are available and which structure may be the best type for a client’s specific needs. She works with clients to incorporate their businesses, create their bylaws and to modify any
existing bylaws. She also provides financial income certification to provide her clients with the backing needed to secure financing. Ms. Sanchez is currently a member in good standing of the Massachusetts and New York Bars.
She graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 2016 with her Juris Doctorate (JD) and she graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from Hunter College in New York City. While in Law School, Ms. Sanchez participated in the Immigration Law Clinic where she worked to provide zealous representation. Then in 2019, she began her solo immigration practice
where she has represented clients through naturalization process, providing practice help for
her clients, and represented clients in removal proceedings, as well as helping DACA recipients and Asylum applicants, to name a few.
Ms. Sanchez enjoys serving her fellow Latino community and the Worcester residents. She
resides in Worcester and is invested in her work and her community.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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